Sleeping is a Necessity

Excerpt from Secrets of a Good Night's Sleep

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Sleeping is not a luxury, but more of a medical necessity. Our ability to perform as productive members of society has a lot to do with how much we sleep. Unfortunately, we live in a world where people believe that sleep is a waste of time, not realizing how much damage sleep deprivation can cause in the long run. Though, our lack of sleep can be blamed on a sleeping disorder, it isn’t most of the time. Most of us are responsible for our lack of sleep because we refuse to follow a healthy lifestyle. We choose to stay up all night entertaining ourselves with our computers and mobile phones (try this blue light filter iPhone accessory) or even partying our sleep away.

But what is enough sleep? According to statistics from the National Sleep Foundation, the average American receives only 6.9 hours of sleep on weeknights and 7.5 hours on weekends. This is in clear contrast with the 10 hours of sleep for adults that was enjoyed prior to the invention of the light bulb.

Scientists and doctors continue to study this area of human function to know more about its effects on our health. Though there have been no extraordinary discoveries about the amount of sleep for adults, one thing that remains clear is that we definitely need it. Our bodies are programmed to seek rest on a regular basis and not providing our bodies with enough of it can lead to drastic consequences.

By providing you with the right information on what is enough sleep, this book aims to help you understand how valuable it can be. The objective is to help you identify issues affecting your sleep and to provide you with knowledge and facts on how to effectively deal with those issues.