The Branding Of Your Dreams

Wild Essentials Sleep Masks are thoughtful, functional gifts that can have your customers interacting with your brand every single day. Perfect for corporate promotions, gifts and giveaways, they are a unique option with wow factor that will keep people talking. Our Sleep Masks can be personalized and customized with a slogan, image, or your company logo.


What Are Custom Sleep Masks Used For?

 Your logo can be the first thing your customers see when they wake up rested and recharged for the day ahead. Here are just a few uses for customized sleep masks... 

    • Corporate Promotions & Trade Shows
    • Promotional Gift
    • Branded Hotel Sleep Kits
    • Employee Gifts
    • Branding¬†for Spas & Salons
    • Branding for Medical Centers, Sleep Clinics, Hospitals & Dentists
    • Wedding Favors
    • Baby Shower Favors
    • Team¬†Building Events
    • Mattress & Furniture Store Branding¬†


Pricing & Info

 We made the process easy, affordable, and fun. Contact us with your questions and project details to get no-obligation quote from one of our specialists.

    • No setup fee!
    • Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) is just 1000 units
    • Lead Time: 35 days from when the order is confirmed



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