• About Our Aromatherapy Products

    A lot of people have questions on the aromatherapy product they want to use about the quality of the products, how to use them and how will they help you specifically? We put this together to help you get a better understanding of what Wild Essentials does so that you can have a trust in getting the best quality aromatherapy products possible! View Post
  • How Can I Get to Sleep?

    If you've have trouble falling or staying asleep, you've probably looked to yourself for the problem. Perhaps you've thought the trouble may be hormones, your boss, your diet- or just genetics. But the cause hardly matters when you're up late thinking "how can I get to sleep?"

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  • How to improve your sleep now!

    Sleep disturbance or insomnia is not uncommon in women starting at midlife. While this may be due to a physical concern, usually it's not. Let's discuss some things you can do NOW to improve your sleep. View Post