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Travel Sleep Tips

Travel Sleep Tips

How to Sleep Better on a Plane

We already know you’re a savvy globe trotter who knows the ins and outs of air travel. However acquainted a flyer may be, one item remains elusive to many travelers and that is how to sleep on the plane. Here, you will find a few steps that may facilitate the sleeping affair and help with jet lag. Consider this your 'How to sleep on a plane 101'.

Choose your seat wisely

You probably already have a favorite seat but if it’s not a window seat, you may want to consider sitting in one for 2 reasons: You can rest your head against the window and you won’t have to get out to let people up and about the cabin.

Notify the flight staff

The first thing you should do is to notify the attending staff that you wish not to be disturbed. If they are assured that you won’t need any refreshments or in flight service ahead of time, it will make their job easier as well. No one wants to wake a sleeping baby.

Eye mask

This is the first purchasable necessity in 'How to sleep on a plane 101'. Some of you may already know how to sleep on the plane but one item that may be missing and should be essential to your carry on is an eye mask. Blocking out the light can do wonders for preparing you for a more restful sleep. From relaxing lavender scented eye pillows to gel masks that also keep under-eye bags at bay, there is something available for everyone.

Neck Pillow

You may have already purchased an eye mask, which is an important step in learning how to sleep better in flight. Now you’ll want to look into a neck pillow to keep your head from bobbing around and waking you up.  A pillow will also be helpful if you can’t have a window seat that provides a place to rest your head. 

Travel sound machine

The in flight sounds can cause great anxiety to some travelers making it impossible to get any rest.  A travel sound machine or white noise maker could be just what the sleep doctor ordered.  They are compact, beneficial and cost effective, not to mention easy to use. 

Utilizing the tools in this 'how to sleep' tutorial may allow you to achieve the restful sleep that eludes you, reaching your travel destination and your loved ones with renewed vitality and contentment. 

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