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Inhaler Wicks (100-pack)

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Breathe new life into your old inhalers with this 100 pack of Cotton Wick Refills from Wild Essentials! Compatible with any standard nasal inhaler, you can reuse the plastic base and cover time and again. Not only will this help save you money, it will also reduce the amount of waste produced. As effective as they are compact, you can slip your inhaler in your bag or pocket for transportable aromatherapy.

If you’re an avid essential oil user, you probably have a healthy stash of nasal inhalers. While they provide great results, the cotton wicks eventually reach the end of their useful life. But constantly replacing the entire inhaler is both wasteful and expensive.

This bulk value pack includes 100 of our cotton wicks, so you always have a spare ready to go! And don’t be afraid to experiment with some homemade blends. A creative mix might be just what you need! Conveniently versatile, our wicks can be used with other aromatherapy products as well. Keep them in your sock drawer or bathroom for lasting freshness!

Why settle for less than the best? With an absorbent cotton interior and a protective paper exterior, Wild Essentials delivers quality you can trust! Our wicks stay incredibly moist and will never alter the scent of your oil.

Why Choose Our Cotton Wick Refills?

- Extend the useful life of nasal inhalers
- 100-piece value pack
- Save money and reduce waste
- Compatible with other aroma accessories
- Made with super-absorbent cotton