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Smell Retraining Inhalers Kit

The Wild Essentials smell retraining kit comes with 4 different inhalers including Clove, Eucalyptus, Lemon and Rose. All made in the USA with only pure essential oils (no added or artificial ingredients or scents) and housed in a Made in the USA, medical grade plastic shell to preserve the freshness of the oils. 

Smell retraining therapy (SRT) is a treatment for loss of smell, also referred to as hyposmia, anosmia or parosmia. It can be used to help return your sense of smell if it was lost during a viral infection or minor head trauma. SRT was originally developed in 2009 by Dr. Thomas Hummel at the University of Dresden.

What Is Involved with SRT?

The process of SRT involves the repeated presentation of different smells through the nose to stimulate the olfactory system and establish memory of that smell. It is best to start with at least four different scents, especially smells you remember. The most recommended fragrances are rose (floral), lemon (fruity), cloves (spicy), and eucalyptus (resinous). Smell each scent for 10 to 20 seconds at least once or twice a day. While sniffing, it is important to be focused on the task. Try to concentrate on your memory of that smell. After each scent, take a few breaths and then move on to the next fragrance. It is recommended that you do this for at least 12 weeks (three months), but you can do it longer, alternating the scents if you like.

SRT is believed to work as a combination of the unique ability for smell nerves to regrow while encouraging improved brain connectivity. Either way, try not to get discouraged; it is common for this process to take some time before you start to smell anything, and that is okay.

Why These Four Scents?

Most people can identify the five different tastes that humans are capable of detecting: salty, sweet, bitter, sour, and savory (umami). Some researchers have also tried to categorize the many different smells as well. These categories include floral, fruity, spicy, resinous, burnt and foul. Instead of having to practice smelling burnt or foul odors, SRT concentrates on the more pleasant smells from the other four categories.

  • Pure and Natural: Our premium aromatherapy inhalers are made  100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils and contain no artificial or mystery ingredients.
  • Our inhalers are made in the USA with high density medical grade plastic to keep the oils from evaporating or oxidizing
  • Proven Method: The most effective method for deriving the benefits of essential oils has been proven to be inhalation. The inhalation of essential oils supports both physical and emotional well-being.
  • Aromatherapy On the Go: Great for school, work or anywhere in between, our inhalers can help you achieve your personal best no matter the circumstances. Very light and non invasive, they fit in your pocket like chap stick or a Vicks inhaler.
  • Our premium inhalers will last at least 30 days if properly stored when not in use. Order multiples and keep them handy wherever you go
  • Directions for use: Uncap and insert the inhaler into your nostril and inhale deeply. Repeat as many times as you like and be sure to recap when finished.