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Sleep Mask Provides Escape for Family Trip to Alaska

Sleep Mask Provides Escape for Family Trip to Alaska

The McAfee family was grateful to have the Escape™ Travel Sleep Mask to block out Midnight Sun in Alaska.

From North Carolina to Alaska

In July of 2012, the McAfee family boarded a plane from Raleigh, North Carolina to Anchorage, Alaska. They had chosen Alaska as their family trip destination of the year due to its beautiful landscape and available outdoor activities such as whale watching, hiking, and white water rafting. As they were excited about embarking, they were also a bit nervous about the cold weather, and most importantly, the much needed sleep they would have to receive in order to participate in these strenuous activities.

What is Midnight Sun?

Due to the axial tilt of our planet Earth, higher latitudes (those near the Arctic Circle) experience a natural phenomenon called Midnight Sun. This is where the sun either does not set at all during the summer months or only sets for a few hours, leaving Northern Alaska with almost 24 hours of sunlight, and the people there with a real dilemma on how to block it out in order to sleep. The McAfee family knew they would need some extra help when it came to getting a peaceful night’s rest, so they turned to Dream Essentials and their sleep masks.

How Did the Family Block Out Light?

Upon asking Dream Essentials for a sleep mask that is great for travel and light blocking, the family was referred to the Escape™ Luxury Travel Sleep Mask. The Escape™ Sleep Mask really did allow for an “escape” while traveling. Not only does it come with a travel pouch and complimentary ear plugs, but it also provided 100% light blockage for those long nights of Midnight Sun. Plus, the McAfees loved that there were multiple colors to choose from that suited each of the family members. The father chose navy, the mother, purple, and Jessica, the seventeen-year-old daughter, opted for a bright orange which she claimed, “is the new pink this season.”

Sleep Masks Around the World

The McAfee family was a bit iffy on whether or not their Dream Essentials Sleep Masks would work since they had only experienced cheap ones given out on airplane flights. But, after just one night they were raving. “I had never used a sleep mask before and was worried about it bothering me while sleeping,” Virginia, the mother of the family told Dream Essentials, “But if I had not had this mask I don't think I would have been able to sleep. It is like having a pillow on your eyes. I loved it!” She went on further to explain how the eye cavities didn’t touch her eyes at all, and how the Velstretch® band kept the sleep mask from sliding off her face during the night.

Jessica was more enthused by the slim fitting Max Lite® Earplugs, which kept her from waking to her parents moving around in the hotel room without causing discomfort, and has convinced Dream Essentials to sell them separately. She says that she continues to use her Escape™ Sleep Mask every night, even though the Alaska family vacation has sadly come to end, but is, “so thankful to have had my sleep mask during the trip so I could wake up early and be well rested enough for the activities each day. I got to experience so much!”

How cool to see the Escape™ Sleep Mask around the world!

Click this link to see this Sleep Mask
Escape™ Luxury Travel Sleep Mask with Carry Pouch and Earplugs

What uses do you have for a Dream Essentials Sleep Mask?

Please tell us your own story. Maybe you have used sleepmasks for your family trips, Blind Charity Walks or other greatexperiences. If you have a story, then do contact us and let us know, wewould love to tell others about it.

Products Used by the McAfee Family

The McAfee family chose the Escape™ Luxury Travel Sleep Mask with Carry Pouch and Earplugs. Its ergonomic design contours to the face to block light extremely well, has eye cavities so as not to disturb eyes and lashes, and is lightweight and breathable. It ships with complimentary earplugs, earplug case, and mask travel pouch.

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