The Benefits of Relaxation

Be Healthier by Relaxing

The benefits of relaxation are more than simply a refreshed mind and rejuvenated spirit. Did you know that there are significant health benefits associated with relaxation? Reducing stress, reducing or eliminating insomnia can decrease your chances of developing certain health conditions, such as heart disease and cancer.

Mind and Body Connection

Even though most people aren't aware stress and tension have such a harmful effect on their health, the connection has been studied for more than a quarter-century. First described by Dr. Herbert Benson of Harvard, the mind/body connection is one that you can't afford to ignore any longer.

The Opposite World The Adrenaline Rush As described by Dr. Benson, relaxation provides us with a bodily response that's the exact opposite of an adrenaline rush. When we're in the midst of an adrenaline rush, the heart rate accelerates, you can feel your blood pumping faster, and you’ll breathe more quickly than usual.

Relaxation, mandatory for good health

The benefits of relaxation are more important than you think! Relaxation techniques are no longer just for relieving stress - now, they're more important than ever for maintaining regular health. The benefits of relaxation which are naturally opposite to the adrenaline rush, include a restful heart rate, slower breathing, and a drop in blood pressure.

The 10-Minute Solution

You can generate these responses by simply taking the time to clear your mind of distraction. If you can set aside 10 minutes a day to practice relaxation techniques, you'll reap the numerous health benefits of relaxation. Find yourself a quiet room or space away from distraction. If needed, use a sleep mask to block light and earplugs to block sound.

Lie on your back or rest easy in a reclined chair; breathe deeply through your nose hold it for a few seconds before breathing out through your mouth, repeat this breathing process several times. Clear your mind and let the darkness allow your body to produce the chemical, melatonin, which places your body into a restful state, let yourself drift away.

Just 10 minutes later you'll be waking up refreshed.

What could better?

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